15 December 2017
DUE project at “A scuola di subacquea”, event for the students of Liceo Statale Galileo Galilei (Dolo, Venice), organized by Subshark Diving Team and hosted by Y-40, the deepest swimming pool of the world.


6 December 2017
DUE project at Ravenna for the conference “Citizen science: la scienza di tutti” (Ravenna), organized by Citizen Science Observatory and Fondazione Flaminia.



23-25 November 2017
DUE project at Rome for the “First Italian Citizen Science Conference“, organized by the Italian National Academy of Sciences, in partnership with Italian and European Institutions, with the support of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in the framework of the LifeWatch-ITA program.



27 October 2017
DUE project at Palermo for the fourth edition of Forum Terziario Donna – Donne motore della ripresa, an event organized by Confcommercio – Imprese per l’Italia.


5-6 October 2017
DUE project presented at the fourth edition of Our Ocean, the international conference that allows executives, public administrators and businessmen around the world to interact and find solutions for the seas and oceans of the Planet. The event is hosted by the European Union at Malta.



30 September 2017
DUE project at the European Researchers Night, a Europe-wide public event to enhance researchers’ public recognition, and to stimulate interest in research careers, especially among young people. Our staff was in the library “Salaborsa” (Bologna)



28 August – 3 September 2017
DUE project at Ustica (Italy) for the second Italy Dive Fest event. One of our biologists was there, supported by PADI, Scubapro and the Marine Protect Area “Isola di Ustica”.



1 August 2017
DUE project at the first Italy Dive Fest event (Lecco, Italy). This event was hosted by Acquasport.


29-30 Luglio 2017
DUE project at Scubapro Test Days, hosted by Diving Center Nervi (Genova). Data collection for research.


13 June 2017
Presentation of DUE project at PADI Womens Dive Day at Seregno (Milan). Event hosted by SportIt and Scuba Fun and Fitness


8 June 2017
Presentation of DUE project during PADI Member Forum at Antignano (Livorno).


3 June 2017
DUE project presentation during “RIPULIAMO IL MARE”. Our staff was hosted by Sistiana Diving Center (Trieste).


18 May 2017
DUE project at “La ricerca in scena”, organized by Fondazione del Monte.


29 April 2017
DUE project presented during the PADI Member Forum at Naples. Event hosted by Centro Sub Campi Flegrei.


10 April 2017
DUE project presentation during the PADI Member Forum at Trieste.


18 March 2017
DUE project at PADI Member Forum at Rome. Event hosted by Acquazzurra.


Thousands of survey questionnaires are in distribution in diving centers and schools (look at the map on the partners page). The questionnaires can be also requested at our laboratory.

March 2017

DUEproject is starting!
The official project presentation took place during the European Dive Show (Bologna).

Scientific papers


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